Monday, April 27, 2009

Atlanta Braves host sports industry Career Fair on Saturday, May 2

The Atlanta Braves will host their third annual Sports Industry Career Fair on Saturday, May 2 at Turner Field. The event will feature employment and internship opportunities with teams and organizations from around the Southeast.

To attend please pre-register online at by going to the "Job Opportunities" page.

A $25 admission ticket includes: • Admission to career fair from 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. • One (1) Upper box ticket to the Braves vs. Houston Astros 3:30 match-up • Question and Answer sessions with top sports executives

Career Fair attendees will have the opportunity to participate in Question and Answer Sessions with sports executives and meet with organizations including the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Dream, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers, Contemporary Services Corporation, Dickey Broadcasting Company, Georgia Force, Nashville Predators, Philips Arena, and the Roswell Recreation Department.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Office Depot to Help Customers Take Care of Business with Free Resume Copies and Faxing at Its Retail Stores

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Office Depot (NYSE: ODP), a leading global provider of office products and services, is helping customers take care of business by offering customers free copies of resumes and free faxing from April 19 to May 30, 2009.

Customers will be able to participate in this special offer by visiting the Design, Print, & Ship Depot center in any one of the more than 1,100 Office Depot retail store locations nationwide. Office Depot is providing free copies of resumes, up to 25 single-sided pages, as well as free faxing to five different domestic numbers, up to 25 pages in total.

“Times are tough, and whether you are looking to make a career move or seeking your first job out of school, Office Depot is helping our customers take care of business by providing a valuable service free of charge,” said George Hill, Senior Vice President of Office Depot’s Design, Print, and Ship Depot. “From paper and portfolios to custom printing and shipping, Office Depot is truly a one-stop-shop for resume products and services.”

Customers can choose to upgrade their resume paper selection to a color or premium paper from Southworth for a nominal fee.

For more information, please visit your local Office Depot retail store location or

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Work at Home Scams - Job One: Don't Take the Bait

Everyone’s seen them—seductive work-at-home opportunities hyped in flyers tacked to telephone poles, in newspaper classifieds, in your e-mail, and all over the web, promising you hundreds or thousands of dollars a week for typing, stuffing envelopes, processing medical billing, etc. And it’s just a phone call or mouse click away…

Might be tempting during these uncertain economic times, but beware of any offers that promise easy money for minimum effort—many are scams that fill the coffers of criminals.

Here are a few of the most common work-at-home scams.

* Advance-fee: Starting a home-based business is easy! Just invest a few hundred dollars in inventory, set-up, and training materials, they say. Of course, if and when the materials do come, they are totally worthless…and you’re stuck with the bill.
* Counterfeit check-facilitated "mystery shopper:" You’re sent a hefty check and asked to deposit it into your bank account, then withdraw funds to shop and check out the service of local stores and wire transfer companies. You keep a small amount of the money for your “work,” but then, as instructed, mail or wire the rest to your “employer.” Sound good? One problem: the initial check was phony, and by the time your bank notifies you, your money is long gone and you’re on the hook for the counterfeit check.
* Pyramid schemes: You’re hired as a “distributor” and shell out big bucks for promotional materials and product inventories with little value (like get-rich quick pamphlets). You’re promised money for recruiting more distributors, so you talk friends and family into participating. The scheme grows exponentially but then falls apart—the only ones who make a profit are the criminals who started it.
* Unknowing involvement in criminal activity: Criminals—often located overseas—sometimes use unwitting victims to advance their operations, steal and launder money, and maintain anonymity. For example, they may “hire" you as a U.S.-based agent to receive and re-ship checks, merchandise, and solicitations to other potential victims…without you realizing it’s all a ruse that leaves no trail back to the crooks.

Add identity theft to the mix. As if these schemes aren’t bad enough, many also lead to identity theft. During the application process, you’re often asked to provide personal information that can be used to steal from your bank account or establish new credit cards in your name.

On the job. A host of law enforcement and regulatory agencies, including the FBI, investigate these schemes and track down those responsible. But the most effective weapon against these fraudsters is you not falling for the scams in the first place.

A few tips:

* Contact the Better Business Bureau to determine the legitimacy of the company.
* Be suspicious when money is required up front for instructions or products.
* Don’t provide personal information when first interacting with your prospective employer.
* Do your own research into legitimate work-at-home opportunities, using the “Work-at-Home Sourcebook” and other resources that may be available at your local library.
* Ask lots of questions of potential employers—legitimate companies will have answers for you!

And if you think you’ve been the victim of a work-at-home scam, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel or our Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Community Groups to Receive $1 Billion Boost From Recovery Act Act Provides New Resources for Community Services Block Grant

Georgia is scheduled to receive almost $27 million under this plan.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced April 10 plans to make $1 billion available for the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program. Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the new resources will be allocated to states across the country. States will distribute the new funding to community groups that help Americans through tough economic times.

"Community organizations across the country are helping millions of Americans put food on the table and weather tough economic times," said HHS Spokesperson Jenny Backus. "The Recovery Act will allow these organizations to help more Americans get back on their feet."

Under the Recovery Act, organizations receiving CSBG funding must use the resources to help get our economy back on track. Funds must be used to reduce poverty, revitalize low-income communities, and assist low-income families become self-sufficient. Eligible entities use funds to provide services and activities addressing employment, education, housing, nutrition, and emergency services to combat the central causes of poverty.

Services currently provided by community organizations that receive CSBG funds include:

* Job training and placement assistance.
* Financial literacy programs such as credit counseling.
* Housing assistance programs that help keep Americans in their homes.
* Nutrition programs that provide meals for vulnerable families.
* Community agencies that bring public and private resources together to assist families in need.

"With unemployment rates at a 25-year high, American workers need help now more than ever," added Backus. "Community groups will have the resources they need to continue to strengthen cities and towns across America."

The $1 billion in new funds under the Recovery Act is in addition to CSBG's regular annual operating budget of approximately $700 million. To see a state-by-state description of CSBG Recovery Act funding visit

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Half of Workers Who Were Laid Off in the Last Three Months Found Jobs, According to a New CareerBuilder Survey

/PRNewswire/ -- Despite it being one of the most challenging hiring environments in the nation's history, 41 percent of workers who were laid off from full-time jobs in the last three months reported they found a new full-time, permanent position while another 8 percent found part-time work. This is according to a survey from CareerBuilder that included 807 workers who were laid off from full-time jobs within the last 12 months. The survey was conducted between February 20 and March 11, 2009.

"This is encouraging news for the 3.3 million workers who have lost their jobs in recent months," said Brent Rasmussen, President of CareerBuilder North America. "It's going to take longer to find a job in today's market, but there are opportunities out there in key areas such as healthcare, government, education, sales and technology. It's important to devote five hours or more to your job search every day, check online listings, talk to recruiters, join social networking sites - use all the resources you have available to you."

Comparing Gender and Age

More men than women who were laid off in the last 12 months were able to find full-time employment - 59 percent of men compared to 49 percent of women. Comparing age brackets, workers ages 35 to 44 were the most likely to find full-time jobs after a layoff at 68 percent. Workers ages 18 to 24 were the least likely at 41 percent followed by 46 percent of workers age 55 and older.

Severance and Long-term Savings

The financial implications of job loss were significant for affected workers. Of those workers who were laid off in the last 12 months, only 32 percent received a severance package from their employers. Sixty-nine percent reported the severance sustained them for 2 months or less. One-in-four said it sustained them for less than one month. Forty-five percent of workers who were laid off in the last year had to tap into long-term savings as a result of losing their jobs.

Impact on Pay and Hours

Workers reported taking pay reductions and adjusting hours to keep a steady paycheck. Nearly half of workers (49 percent) who were laid off in the last 12 months and landed new positions took a job with less pay; 15 percent were able to negotiate higher compensation. One-in-five (20 percent) took a job with less hours while 12 percent took on more hours.


Workers said they are expanding their job search beyond their own backyard. Thirteen percent of workers who were laid off in the last 12 months and found jobs relocated to a new city or state. Of those who are still looking for employment, 39 percent reported they would consider relocating for a job opportunity.

Transferring Skills to Other Industries and Fields

Workers reported they are repackaging their resumes for new areas of employment. Thirty-eight percent of workers who were laid off in the last 12 months and landed new positions said they found work in a different field from where they were previously employed. Seventy percent of these workers said they really enjoy the new opportunity. Of those workers who are still job hunting, 44 percent are looking for work outside of their profession.

Starting a Business

A highly competitive job market is motivating some workers to be their own boss. One-in-four workers (25 percent) who have not found jobs are considering starting their own business.

Rasmussen recommends the following tips:

-- Keep an open mind - Make a list of your current skills and look at a
variety of job postings inside and outside your field to see how they
measure up to the job requirements. You may be able to fill in gaps
through an online certification or even through volunteering, which
employers do regard as relevant experience.
-- Go beyond the basics: Ask a graphic designer to help you with your
resume to make it eye-catching. Show off your skills with a digital
portfolio of your work or follow-up with an opinion on a relevant
article or industry news item after your interview.
-- Relentlessly use social media: Get on professional and social
networking sites, Twitter or write your own blog to create a
recognizable personal brand online and connect with industry insiders.
Create a Facebook group of your own and invite recruiters and hiring
managers to join.

-- Make yourself searchable: Make sure to include keywords from the
employer's job posting in your resume and cover letter, so your
application shows up closer to the top in employer searches.

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder between February 20 and March 11, 2009 among 807 U.S. workers ages 18 and over who have been laid off in the past 12 months from a full-time position (percentages for some questions are based on a subset of these U.S. workers, based on their responses to certain questions). With a pure probability sample of 807, one could say with a 95 percent probability that the overall results have a sampling error of +/- 3.4 percentage points. Sampling error for data from sub-samples is higher and varies.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Verizon Wireless to Hire 600 New Customer Service Employees in Alpharetta

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that telecommunications giant Verizon Wireless will open a new customer service center in Alpharetta, creating 600 jobs and investing $27 million.

“Georgia’s strong workforce and competitive cost of doing business make it a great place for customer-focused companies like Verizon Wireless to grow,” said Governor Perdue. “This great company is already a strong member of our business community and we welcome their additional commitment to the state of Georgia.”

Verizon Wireless will open a new Customer Service Center in Alpharetta’s Sanctuary Park office complex. The 141,805 square-foot building is located at 1110 Sanctuary Parkway.

“We are delighted to open a new Customer Service Center at Sanctuary Park in Alpharetta as we further expand our presence in the state of Georgia,” said Jeff Mango, President-Georgia/Alabama Region for Verizon Wireless. “We are indebted to the city and the community at large for embracing us. We look forward to opening this Center, hiring employees and growing our presence in this market.”

Verizon Wireless will begin recruiting efforts in April, hiring in May and training in July. These efforts will continue through early 2010. Close to 4,000 Verizon Wireless employees currently work in the state of Georgia, with 85,000 employed across the country. Verizon Wireless has a 395,000 square-foot Campus in Alpharetta and two Sanctuary Park offices.

Verizon Wireless employees will participate in a comprehensive, ongoing training program to prepare to serve customers in their new jobs. Intensive training lasts from four to six weeks depending on the specific role of the employee. The company will offer a range of job opportunities in Customer Service, including representatives, business support roles and supervisory/leadership-level positions, to name a few.

To apply for a job with Verizon Wireless at this new center, please visit Applications will be accepted online only, beginning April 30, 2009.

“This expansion by Verizon is a clear endorsement of the quality environment that the city of Alpharetta has created for the business community,” said Alpharetta Mayor Arthur Letchas. “We welcome their commitment to continued growth in our city.”

Blair Lewis, project manager with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, assisted the company in its expansion.

About the company
Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s most reliable and largest wireless voice and data network, serving more than 80 million customers. Headquartered in Basking Ridge, N.J., with more than 85,000 employees nationwide, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). For more information, visit To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes, You CAN Hire a Summer Intern!

Would you like to be the beneficiary of Federal Stimulus funding? Has your company or organization considered hiring a summer intern but you don't know how to make it happen? Here's an answer to both - the "Summer Jobs Plus for Youth Program." In brief, the Atlanta Regional Commission/Atlanta Regional Workforce Board has a program to partner private sector and non-profits who can offer work experience to low-income youth, ages 14-24, for 30-40 hours/week for 8 weeks during the summer. Wages for these jobs are fully funded by the Recovery Act. The interns will attend work readiness preparation and will be screened for appropriateness for referral to the worksite. Day-to-day supervision will be the responsibility of an individual at the worksite who would mentor and train the intern. For more information, contact Debbie Anglin, Hearts to Nourish Hope, Inc., at 770.997.4511.

Message via Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009's National Keep America Working Tour Reaches Milestone of More Than 5,000 Jobs to Fill As It Continues Through the Southeast

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The national tour of the Keep America Working career fairs sponsored by®, the leading global online career and recruitment resource and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW), continued its move through America’s Southeast this week in a journey that will include more than 140 stops across the nation throughout 2009. Since the tour was piloted in Boston at the end of February, 380 employers with more than 5,350 jobs to fill have met with nearly 12,000 qualified job seekers ready to fill them. Thus far, the tour has included job fairs in Boston; New York City; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Whippany, New Jersey; Cincinnati; Indianapolis; Chicago; Minneapolis; Nashville and Charlotte. The 5,350 jobs represented at the fairs are backed up by tens of thousands of jobs listed on in these eleven metropolitan areas. This week’s stops on the tour are today in Raleigh, in Orlando on April 1, in Atlanta on April 2 and in Jacksonville on April 3.

At the core of the Keep America Working Tour is Monster’s mission to help rebuild the American workforce. The company presents these job fairs free of charge to both job seekers and Monster employers with current job openings to eliminate any cost barrier and encourage the greatest number of employers with available jobs to link face-to-face with people who need those jobs.

Using an innovative model that goes well beyond the traditional career fair, the Keep America Working Tour brings together the tools and expertise job seekers need not only to find a job, but also to help manage their careers. Job seekers who attend the career fairs can learn from Monster’s career experts by attending live theater presentations that provide the advice and techniques they need to truly stand out from the crowd in today’s tough job market. They can see Monster's new career management tools and experience the all-new And finally, they can make the most of the on-site opportunity to meet face-to-face with market-leading employers with job opportunities. Employers who attend get to meet the highly qualified candidates they need to strengthen their recruiting pipelines and fill their open positions in an efficient manner.

“It was well worth the trip down. I was able to talk to people in my field and also talk to some people who weren’t necessarily in my field, but said there were opportunities for somebody with my sales background,” said job seeker Craig Ciampa from a Keep America Working fair. “I was able to leave resumes and touch base with the people who are in charge of recruiting.”

“Monster’s objective is to inspire people to improve their lives,” said Sal Iannuzzi, chairman, president and CEO of Monster Worldwide. “At the very center of that is the fact that people have to have opportunity. If we can connect them with opportunity today at the Keep America Working job fairs and tomorrow on-line on, we’ve fulfilled our mission.”

For more information about the job fairs in Monster’s Keep America Working Tour, visit

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